Our Mimosi software for the precious and industrial metals market provides buyers assurance for the first time ever that they are buying precious and industrial metals from ethical sources to the best of their knowledge. This is more important then ever as “conflict minerals” are financing war in some of the world’s poorest regions. MIMOSI uses blockchain ledgers and patent-pending processes to instantly make sure you know the origin of your precious and industrial metals.

Powerful Track and Trace Capability

MIMOSI provides integrity and confidentiality using transaction encryption and hashed digital signatures of all users in its permissioned Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain. It allows each supply chain member to maintain its own data and provide permission to share the encrypted data with specified suppliers or customers.

Manage Provenance Claims

View the origin of minerals, whether it’s by country, region, mine, corporate ownership, and their sources. Verify whether it’s recycled, mined, or artisanally mined, the production date, and applicable standards for processing or manufacturing.

Trusted Supplier Identity

Mimosi provides the highest level of identity management in the industry. Maintain identity, certifications, and audit reports of each party connected with the downstream supply chain of a specific gold or other precious metal or industrial metal shipments from the refiner to the end user.